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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Appliance Manuals

Is it worth reading the washer or other appliances manuals?

 Maytag Washer Manual
It’s not uncommon for a customer to mention that the modern washing machine sure seems to have a lot of features. Many of these folks say they don’t need or use all the features the manufacturers currently offer, stating they could do with just one or two of the features, and they’d be fine with that.
So that got me to thinking about my washer, and it brought two questions to mind:
First, do I use all the cycles?
Second, why do the manufacturers give us all those cycles and features?
The answer to the second question is easy: all the cycles are there to help the machine do the best it can at washing our clothes within today’s government standards. Standards of how much water and energy a washer should use. In my case, I don’t use or need every single cycle, but it is reassuring to know that they are available if the need arises. 

Conserving water and energy, how the standards have changed
In the old days, we threw our clothes in 40 gallons of water, and they got washed well. The fact is water is a limited resource and we need to use it wisely or future generations will not have any. Today, with new standards in place, the manufacturers are building a machine to give us that same great wash in just 15 or 16 gallons, depending on the cycle and modifiers you chose. 

To make the machine as energy efficient as possible, the manufacturers build in modifiers. These are settings to make the machine work a little harder and better for when needed. 

To understand how these modifiers work, it helps to read the machine manual. If the machine is not performing the way you want it to, or perhaps you are not using it the way it was designed to work, the manual is also the best place to refer to.) 

I recently decided I would re-read my washer manual to make sure I am using my 2006 front loader to meet my needs the best. Guess what? I discovered I was not using some of the functions that I should be. 
Here’s a couple of things I found out. 
  • 1) After I start the wash process, I have eight minutes to add a garment. What a brilliant feature! This feature gives me time to add a late garment I found, or an odd sock. I was not aware I had eight minutes. 
  • 2) On my machine, I have a “More or Less Soil” button and, to be honest, I have only started to use this modifier since re-reading the manual. It is an ideal option for those dirty items, like dog feet towels and couch sheets. Since I started to use it, I am noticing that they are a little cleaner than previous washes. 
The more modern machines have many more modifiers than my 2006 model. It only makes sense for you to use the machine in the way it was designed so it can do the best job it can for you. 

You’ll also find some very useful tips in the manual. 

Here’s an example: 
I know our service department is always repairing a number of washer “rubber boots,” which is the seal around the door because they are always getting ripped. The washer manual explains that by keeping all zippers closed and all hooks fastened, it will prevent both machine and laundry damage. 
There are also tips to keep your washer smelling great, which can be an issue for some front load users. My best tip for keeping front load washers smelling great is to leave the door open. Since 2006, my washer has done at least 1,425 loads of just doggy laundry (three loads per week). Plus all the people laundry and it smells great. If you cannot keep the door open, the manual has 
cleaning instructions to assist you in keeping it great smelling.

If you’re thinking of a new washing machine, be sure to stop by the Barber and Haskill showroom, where one of our helpful professionals will show you some of the new models available.  And we’ll also be happy to go over all of the great features in the manual with you!

By: Laurel Hooper

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