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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Quiet Dishwashers Under $1000

In my last post, I introduced you to the quietest dishwashers on our sales floor. In this post, I’ll continue with the “quiet” theme, but with one interesting new factor: the following models all come in with a price point in the $1,000 range or less. 

These models qualify as quiet because all have operating levels around 50 decibels (dB). To put it in perspective, an operating level of 50 dB is similar to the sound of running water in a quiet stream. 

Here are a few machines I’d like to tell you about. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Do I really need a range hood?

A question that customers raise with me from time to time is: do I really need a range hood, or will an over-the-range microwave do? 

First off, I think it is a good idea to get some kind of ventilation directly over your range to remove the odours, grease and steam from the room. A vent system will protect your cabinetry, walls and other surfaces from harmful steam and grease.  These are things that can discolour, de-laminate and cause other expensive damage to your kitchen if it is not properly addressed.  Also, very few people like the smell of fish, onions or other foods to linger in their home.  The vent system removes those odours before they have a chance to spread throughout your home.