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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Agitation versus High Efficiency Impeller Top Loading Washers

Top Loading Washers-A tale of Two Washers.
by: +Karen McFarlane

 Although most of the washers, we are selling today have a front loading design that was essentially brought over from Europe.  With them comes a great story about water and energy savings as well as being gentler on the clothes.  Recently customers are faced with a dilemma as many manufacturers are making top loading washers with a very similar story.
So let’s have a look at the top loading washers with an agitator (what we are used to) versus ones with an impellor (new high-efficiency washers)
The theory behind an automatic washing machine is to emulate the motion of hand washing. The agitators and impellers are devices designed by man to replicate or improve that motion.  A washer with an agitator aggressively rotates within the tub. Much of the cleaning process happens when the agitator makes contact with the clothes much like when using a traditional wash board.  Because of this a machine with an agitator is not the best option when washing delicate clothes, because the aggressive action of the agitator can be hard on fabrics.  Having said that on the up side your clothes will definitely be clean and stain-free.

So how do the clothes get clean in the washer with no agitator? 

That brings us to the impeller that is a low-profile plate located in the bottom of the tub, that replaces the agitator in the new high-efficiency top loading washers. These create turbulent currents in the wash water as the impeller rotates. This combined with the clothes being packed into the smaller amount of water, this allows for the other clothes in the load along with the water provide the mechanical motion needed to get clothes clean.  This provides a much gentler wash action with less water and energy use than a traditional machine.

Take a minute to watch this informative video

To Sum it Up

Traditional Washer with Agitator –The PROs
-Usually a cycle takes less time
-Cleaning results are very good even when heavily soiled
-less expensive at initial purchase

High Efficiency Washer with Impeller – The PROs
-More room in the tub for bulky items
-less expensive to operate, save on water and electricity bills
-easier to get clothes out of
-many have optimized dispensers for additives like detergent, bleach and fabric softener
-Higher spin speeds save time in the dryer.

Choosing between a top load washing machine with or without an agitator is not easy. High-efficiency machines are more same in operating costs and are less damaging to clothes.  But because of their more gentle motion, we have seen some instances where they may not clean clothes as effectively.  If buying a top load washer,

I would recommend if you have young children, or work in a job that leaves you regularly with heavily soiled clothes you may want to consider a traditional washing machine with an agitator.

 However, for those with fashion conscience teens and office attire, you may wish to consider all the benefits of a high-efficiency washer with Impellor.

Still not sure which to choose? Come into our showroom and let our fabulous staff help you pick one out!
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  1. My 3 year old samsung top loading washer started leaking and I have found out that the main bearings and transmission are shot. What happened to quality products in America?

    1. Amana....they make American appliances......

  2. Winnie, isn't Samsung a Korean company??

  3. Samsung is a Korean compnay

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  5. the High Efficiency Washer with Impeller will not even clean bed sheets.. would stay away from them.. only good for washing clean clothes , my clothes come out as dirty as they were when I put them in

  6. who ever wrote this must not have completed the 6th grade. I wouldn't purchase a paper bag from you. Move to Korea, north.

  7. hes wrong, the impeller is inside the water pump for the drainage of water. It will be in between the in and out water flow tubes on the pump. It has usually rubber fins and as it rotates it pushes the water. Anything that has to forcibly move water will have one especially to push water uphill.


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