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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Buying the Correct Pillow

Why a good pillow is important?

After a long day, there is nothing quite like the feeling of curling up in bed on a good supportive mattress. But what about the quality of your pillow? Does a good pillow really make a difference in whether you have a good or poor night’s sleep? 

The answer is YES! The average person spends as much as 2,500 hours every year with their head on their pillow. A good quality pillow adds comfort and provides the support you need for your neck and spine, contributing greatly to a better sleep. It is important to look at your pillow as something much more important than a piece of fabric and stuffing that we put our heads on at night. 

Here’s how your pillow contributes to a good night’s sleep: your neck needs to be properly supported by your pillow when you go to bed. If the pillow is too high or low, your neck will be forced either up or down from its natural state, causing your neck muscles on one side or the other to be strained by the angle. So, finding the right height pillow for your is crucial. 

One thing I always suggest to customers who are buying a new mattress is to consider getting a new pillow at the same time. I say this because it is always best to try out a new pillow when purchasing a new mattress, just to make sure the two work together in harmony. 

Pillows can feel a bit different when moved from one mattress to another. matching your new mattress to a new pillow at the same time, can take the guesswork out of how it’s going to feel at home. 

If your mattress is fine and you only need a pillow, we recommend you come into the store and have a mattress professional help you match your old mattress with your new pillow.

What makes a “good” pillow?

The key element in selecting a good pillow is your personal preference. 
  • If it feels comfortable, 
  •  do you feel supported, 
  •  and if you can relax, this may be a good choice of pillow

It is always best to have your mattress professional take a look at your neck and spine alignment to make sure that the pillow is meeting your specific spine needs. A good pillow should allow the muscles in your neck to relax and take a well-deserved break from supporting the weight from your head. The pillow should be able to mold to your head and neck for to adjust to your various sleeping positions.

It is very important to let your mattress professional know in which position you normally prefer sleeping. It does make a difference in the type of pillow we will recommend. 

For example, 

  • Side sleepers need a pillow that will fill the gap between their head and shoulders. 
  • Back sleepers need a low profile or thin pillow, so their head is not too high. Otherwise, they risk straining their neck muscles. The same applies for the 
  • Stomach sleepers, the low profile reduces straining the muscles in their neck and shoulders. 

A good night sleep is so important, and getting one it makes a huge difference in a quality of our daily lives. An investment in a good pillow can help improve your quality of sleep and make the difference in your day. One pillow that may work for you doesn’t mean that it works for everyone. 

Come into Barber and Haskill and let us help you find your new pillow.
 Sweet dreams!

by: Jenn Okeefe

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