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Monday, October 27, 2014

How to limit frost build up in your freezer

You bought a Manuel Defrost freezer did you?

So despite the pros of a frost free freezer you have chosen the more energy efficient and easier on your wallet manual defrost version.
Good news right?  
Well, the bad news is that you are in for a little more work when it is time to defrost.

Here are a few things you should know about  to minimize how often you have to dig out your defrosting tools. 


Minimizing frost build-up is all about controlling the amount of humid air that enters your freezer.
It is the water in the air that leads to the ice build-up we find on the sides or shelves of our manual defrost freezers. 
The first consideration is the location of the freezer. Avoid areas of high humidity like the porch, garage or a humid basement. A cool, dry spot is ideal.
Limit the amount of times you open your freezer. Opening the freezer allows fresh batch of humid air to enter.By keeping high demand items, which at my house is popsicles and ice cream, in the refrigerator freezer you can limit the times your freezer door is opened. In turn, this will limit the amount of humid air that enters your freezer.
Limit the length of time the freezer is held open.  The best way to do this is keep a well-organized freezer that has everything well labeled, allowing for fast retrieval of tonight's dinner.
Make sure your freezer door seal remains in good condition.  Even with the lid closed humid air can still get in if the seal has a rip or hole in it.  The seal can also become compromised if the door has been warped or bent due to abuse.  Do not store heavy items on the top of a chest freezer.
•Keeping your freezer as full as possible is another way to limit the amount of humid air transferred.

Hopefully, by following some of the above tips you can spend more time doing what you like and less time with your head in the freezer. 

Many of these tips will also keep your freezer running as efficiently as possible.  A good portion of the energy used by a freezer is to cool the same warm moist air that causes the frost buildup.

Photo of Wayne Faris - Sales Rep at Barber and Haskill

by ; Wayne Faris

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