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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sleeping with Lower Back Pain

Some tips on Lower Back Pain and Sleeping well.

The day-to-day struggle with pain can and does take its toll on the human body.

Sleeping Well with lower Back Pain is one step closer to a better quality of life.
If you suffer from lower back pain, you know that the pain doesn't stop just because you do.  Sleeping problems and back pain are part of a vicious cycle.
Sleeping well with back pain can be very difficult, and sometimes your back can end up hurting more if you are not sleeping properly.

The Better Sleep Council recommends that you evaluate your mattress about every 5 to 7 years. You may need a change for optimal comfort and support. In a Journal of Applied Ergonomics study, nearly 63% reported significant improvements in low back pain after switching to a new sleep system.Sleep Well With Low Back Pain - WebMD. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Here are a few helpful tips if buying a new mattress set is not in your present budget.

Support Your Lower Back While Sleeping.

  • add a piece of plywood between your mattress and box-spring.
  • put your mattress on the floor.
  • when on your back, have a pillow under your knees.
  • if you are on your side, place a pillow between your knees for better comfort.
  • wrap a towel around your waist to help maintain the curve in your back.

Please visit our Mattress and Accessories section for more information on purchasing the correct mattress set for you and your family.

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