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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2 Great Options in Stack-able Laundry

Stackable Laundry

Reasons to consider a main floor stack-able laundry set:

There has been a great deal of demand over the past few years for stack-able laundry.  

  • Space is most valuable on the main floor
  • larger capacity in stack-able than in the past
  • technology permits quieter and more efficient than before

 Top Loading Stacked Laundry 

  • Stackable laundry is still available in a one piece unit with a conventional top loading washer with an agitator. 
  • But did you know that this unit is also now available with a high-efficiency top-loading washer?  This new format saves you up to 70% on both energy and water consumption while accepting larger loads.

Front Loading Stack-able Laundry

  • Currently every front load washer on our floor is stack-able, giving you the most selection of options, sizes and brand names from which to choose.
  • They remain on top of the charts for water and energy efficiency.
  • Manufacturers have recently focused on making the front loaders main floor friendly.
  •  Some of the technology includes direct drive motors, ball bearings (for counter-balancing loads) and even an accelerometer.  
  •  Accelerometers are the devices in our cell phones, ipads and tablets that make the photo rotate when you turn your device.  How is this beneficial in a washer?  This technology helps the washer sense a bulky load going off balance and automatically adjusts the motor speed to reduce vibration and allow the machine to complete its final spin.
  • Some manufacturers even have guarantees, focused on main floor applications!

My recommendation would still be a stack-able front loading set. 
Whatever stack-able laundry set you choose, your budget and time will thank you.

Photo of Lee Sicari- Sales Rep at Barber and Haskill

by: Lee Sicari

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