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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Which Type of Dishwasher Loader are You?

As summer is in full swing, many of us are enjoying picnics, backyard dinners, and reunions! However, with all the gatherings comes the dreaded cleanup! We want to know what kind of dishwasher loader are you. Below, you’ll find descriptions of the most common category of dishwasher loader.  Which one are you?  The Jenga Master?  The Border Patrol?  Or maybe you’re the Architect or the Game player.  Or maybe you fill a category we have missed.

1. The Jenga Master
There is always that one person that can find the last tiny space above that tall cup that perfectly fits your favourite bowl. These loaders maximize every space but always tend to use more detergent.

Maytag is a great option for the Jenga Master because it is meant to be put to work. Maytag dishwashers feature the most powerful motor on the market, so you can be sure that what you put in comes out clean, even when you have crammed it full. Plus, the four-blade stainless steel chopper pulverizes food, preventing particles from plugging the wash system and spray jets. It provides optimal cleaning without the need to pre-rinse.

2. The Border Patrol
This is the person who has each row designated for something specific, from small plates to giant mugs. For them, no item can cross the border and visit other dish spaces.

For the Border Patrol, some Bosch dishwashers help with the addition of a flexible third rack! The center of their unique V-shaped third rack allows you to find easily the exact spot for those specialized culinary tools like whisks and tongs.

3. The Architect
Each dish has its one spot in the dishwasher, and it is with good reason. They have figured out a way that maximizes space with optimal cleaning power with little detergent. This person will not even let you put a dirty dish in without approval.

For the Architect, how the dishwasher sprays is vital to their dish load. Whirlpool offers great features to surpass the Architect’s expectations: get perfect cleaning every time with the Sensor cycle. The AccuSense soil sensor measures load size and soil level during the pre-wash, and the dishwasher adjusts to the right wash and dry settings throughout the wash cycle to deliver precise cleaning to your dishes.

The TotalCoverage spray arm cleans with twice the jets for more coverage. A smarter sequence of spray patterns hits dishes from multiple nozzles throughout the cycle, so you can be sure they’re all clean and ready to go.

Silverware Spray helps remove stuck-on food from your utensils, like peanut butter on knives and oatmeal on spoons. It delivers a concentrated shower of water to the AnyWare™ Plus silverware basket to virtually eliminate re-washing.

4. The Game Player
The dishwasher is fair game. Anyone can put their dirty dish where they please. Plates and bowls can go in the same row! This person then moves all the dishes just before it’s time for their cleaning. It is a fun game for them to make them all fit but in an efficient way.

Kitchenaid’s line up of dishwashers is versatile enough to handle whatever the Game Player throws at it.  With nine dynamic wash arms that spray in every direction, every inch of your dishes get a powerful clean.  This is a lineup that gets the job done, and in a whisper-quiet manner!

If you are still unsure about your dish loading skills or have any questions about dishwashers, please contact us or come into Barber & Haskill and find the perfect dishwasher for you!

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