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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

How to Get a Good Night Sleep? Try a good mattress plus these Helpful Tipzzzzz

Do you find yourself all cozy in bed but keep tossing and turning? Looking for the best way to relax after the chaos of day-to-day life? Well we are here to help you turn that tossing and turning into some well deserved z’s.

Nighttime Bandits

When it comes to sleep there are so many factors that can steal a goodnight’s sleep from you! Many main factors are:

·         Level of light in your room
·         Outside sounds
·         Temperature/humidity
·         Mattress softness/firmness

These are a few of the main culprits that can heavily impact your sleep. A few other issues can be poor diet, lack of exercise and stress. Also irregular schedules and shift work can also alter your sleep patterns. Try to create a bedtime ritual to signal to your body that is time to start relaxing and fall into sleep mode, if only it was as simple as pushing a button on a computer.

Why are Sleep Routines Important?

It is important to create a routine for falling asleep because it will mimic how your body actually reacts to sleep. There are multiple stages of sleep from light to deep cycles.

In the first two stages it is very easy to be woken. When preparing to sleep stage one should be something simple like having tea or getting into bed and reading a book.

Stage three is a deeper sleep, if you wake up during this stage you are usually confused and not alert. When preparing to sleep this should be where you turn off all lights and outside sounds. This would be the part of your routine where you start to close your eyes and begin to forget about the troubles of your day.

The fourth stage of your sleep cycle is when you start dreaming, you are at the deepest part of sleep. When getting ready to sleep this should be when all electronics are off and you are focusing on sleeping, do not think about the stresses of your day.

If you can get your body programed to follow a routine it will help increase your chances of drifting off to your dreamland sooner.

New Technologies

While sleep is mainly attributed to your mattress and pillow combinations, it can also be a number of outside factors you never even imagined! Many new technologies are surfacing that measure humidity, light and sound to analyze why you are not feeling rested in the morning.

A great way to help ensure a goodnight’s sleep is to turn off all electronics so there is no light source stimulating your eyes. Also be sure to turn that TV, or set it on a timer.

Once you have eliminated these outside factors you can begin to focus on the level of support your bed is giving you when it comes to sleeping.

Getting under the Sheets

One of the issues keeping you up at night could be your mattress! There are many factors to think about before purchasing a bed. Many people focus on the type of mattress, does it have memory foam or coils, is it a new hybrid?

However, another main component to think about is the support it can give you. While it is important that it is the right level of firmness you also need to consider how it supports your weight.

Also don’t forget about what is under your mattress, and no I am not talking about monsters, the base of the bed is just as important as the mattress itself. You want to ensure they are working together to support you and let you have good dreams not nightmares about more restless nights.

At Barber and Haskill we have many mattress and base combinations, come in to ask us about the bed of your dreams!

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