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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Is Your Kitchen Too Hot to Handle

Incredibly fast and safer way to cook.

Induction Range available at Barber and Haskill, Midland ON
Safe for all the aspiring chef's in your family.

Induction cooking range

Induction Cooking:

Mystery Unveiled!

Food has been cooked more or less the same way for centuries. Heat is produced by a device, which heats up a cooking vessel, which in turn heats and cooks the food. Induction differs completely from other cooking technologies in that, rather than producing heat that is then transferred to the cooking vessel, it makes the cooking vessel itself the original generator of the cooking heat. An induction cooker actually generates a magnetic field, which, if a ferrous material is used (a cast-iron skillet, for instance) transfers energy into the metal, causing it to become hot. Induction cooking thus requires a particular type of cookware, or the use of 'induction disks', which can be useful but which also nullify many of the advantages of induction.

Induction cookers offer many advantages.
Among these are 
  • the facts that the field affects nothing outside the cooking vessel
  • the heat generation stops when the vessel is removed from the surface
  • the heat can be adjusted instantly and precisely
  • it cooks faster than either regular electric or gas cooking
  • since heat is generated directly in the cooking vessel, there is no heat transfer loss.

Induction Cooking Range found at Barber and HaskillCast Iron, Enamel Cast Iron and most Stainless Steal are suitable magnetic material for using with the induction cooktop.
Induction friendly cookware contains "ferromagnetic" materials.  Basically that means in has iron in it, or has a layer of magnetic properties.

Anything with Alumninum, copper or glass will not work on the cooktop unless they have a layer of magnetic properties on the bottom.  That is why not all Stainless Pots are compatible, some contain aluminum.
To test whether your current cookware are compitable to a Induction Cooktop, simply place a magnet to the bottom of the pot..... If it sticks, you're good to go.

View our Video to see what Lee has to say about Induction Cooking.

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