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Thursday, July 23, 2015

How to Maintain your BBQ this Summer!

How to Maintain your BBQ this Summer!

With amazing summer weather and glorious long weekends comes BBQ season! However, the more and more we opt out of the kitchen for some delicious BBQ we never seem to clean up the way we would inside. Ever open the lid of your BBQ and see a peeling lid or a greasy grill? Well, worry no more – here are some steps to make your neighbours think you got a brand new grill this BBQ season!

Regular maintenance methods and common cleaning myths

Normal cleaning of the cooking grates is best done after preheating your grill. Brush the grates using a brass bristle grill brush or a Weber stainless steel grill brush. The flavourizer bars can be brushed after the grill has cooled once cooking is done, using the same brush you use for the grates.

Why is the paint peeling inside the lid?

That peeling you see is not paint, just baked-on grease. This occurs frequently with high temperature grilling. To remove the build-up, brush with a brass bristle. Brush before preheating the grill. To prevent buildup, wipe the warm (not hot) lid with a paper towel after cooking.

Putting a cover on my grill is not necessary.  

This fact is true, but we at Barber & Haskill recommend the use of a cover to protect our Weber grills from the elements and to keep the grill clean.  It will help extend the life of the grill, too.

If you are a grill master, then you should consider doing an intensive cleaning to give your BBQ a brand new look! Follow the basic steps in this video and come to Barber & Haskill for all the maintenance tools and tips needed for this BBQ summer season!

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