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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Why Use a Steam Dryer?

Steam Laundry…What is it and why do we need it? 
Steam is a feature that comes with a lot of dryers these days. In fact, it is getting more and more difficult to find a new laundry pair that does not have this option.   The most common question I get asked on any given day  when presenting laundry is, “What does the steam actually do?”  Well, there are two major benefits Steam offers.
What steam does in the dryer 
There are two main cycles available in steam dryers today.  One of the most common uses I find is the Wrinkle Release feature.  It is a great benefit to families on a hectic schedule.  Most families have two people working full-time and have little extra time to take out the iron and ironing board to start making sure their work clothes look and feel their best.  Wrinkle Release does that job for you.  It’s simple to use, just pick a couple of items of clothing you’d like to wear, throw them in the dryer on Wrinkle Release and presto!... in 20 minutes, those clothes are wrinkle-free. 
 How does this happen
As the clothes tumble, steam is introduced into the dryer cavity.  The steam penetrates the fabric, allowing the wrinkles to relax.
Why wash when you can Refresh?
    The other option for steam is Refresh.  Refresh is a very useful cycle that I find most people are unaware.  This cycle adds both the heat and moisture from the steam to refresh your clothing.  For example, let’s say you wore a favourite dress or shirt to a dinner, and it got dirty (drink stain, gravy, etc.)  Rather than wash it, the Steam Refresh option would make that clothing item look and feel like it has been freshly washed.  
   Another reason I would use this cycle would be to refresh curtains.  Curtains are not dirty – they just need to get the dust off of them.  Putting items like this through the full wash and dry cycle is over-kill, and not required.  The gentleness of steam is the way to go, as it gets the job done.
What does steam in the washer actually do?
Now that we understand the reason for steam in the dryer, why do we need the steam in the washer?  This question is one I hear all the time.  Standard washers heat the water to 130 degrees for clothes that are heavily soiled.  When you add the steam feature, it heats the water to boiling temperature – 100 degrees Celsius (212 Fahrenheit).  Reaching this temperature will help get out those toughest stains, and assist with activating the detergents.    
Do I have to have extra plumbing installed to accommodate my new steam dryer?
If you think you’ll need to do extra plumbing to add these steam elements, the answer is no.  You will not need to have any extra plumbing.  The dryer comes with a “Y” connector and a hose.  All you do is attach the “Y” connector to the cold water tap and run one hose to the washer and one hose to the dryer.
Steam washers and dryers have been on the market for quite a few years now and seem to have made a real mark in the laundry industry.  More and more laundry sets are incorporating steam – it is no longer a feature of just the upper-end machines.  
I do recommend these steam features with confidence, and I’m sure you’ll find the options will make your life easier when it comes to maintaining your clothing and other washables.

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