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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Dual Fuel Cooking

It’s time to consider Dual Fuel for your new range
 Wolf Dual Fuel Oven
When it comes to cooking, much of the world is divided into one of the two camps: gas fuel or electric.  There is, however, a growing portion of the population that is embracing a cooking method that utilizes the best of both worlds  – gas and electric – in one unit.  It is called dual fuel. 
Before we get into dual fuel, let’s look at the two different range fuels – gas and electric.
A gas range uses heat created by the burning of gas – usually propane or natural gas – to create heat both on the cooktop as well as in the oven. An electric range uses electric elements to create heat in both the cooktop and oven.  
As mentioned at the top, dual fuel range gives you the best of both options, offering a gas cooktop with an electric oven.   If you’re a serious cook (or like to think you are one), you will love the benefit of a dual fuel range.  It allows you to utilize the best of both an electric range oven and gas cooktop. 
Gas Cooktop
What most people like the about the gas cooktop burner are that it offers you a more accurate heat control from highest to lowest temperatures.  
Take into consideration the type of cooking you will be doing. If you like cooking with a wok, you may prefer a range that has one or more power burners at 15,000 BTUs or more. If you like to make soups and sauces, a range that has a simmer burner will provide a gradual, low heat. The gas cooktop will give you a high heat with excellent controllability on those lower temperatures. Boil to simmer occurs amazingly fast.
Electric Oven
With a convection oven, the biggest benefit of electric heat is it provides more consistent results than you would get with a traditional oven.  Traditionally, an electric oven gives you much more accurate temperature control than gas ovens. If combined with a genuine convection fan system, the results will be most impressive. 
The majority of brands offer true convection in their dual fuel range lineup.  This type of system draws air toward the heating element behind the convection fan and heats it to the desired temperature. The convection fan will then redistribute the heated air throughout the oven cavity, therefore providing optimum results.
Higher end dual fuel ranges offer numerous other features that can improve your cooking results, including a temperature probe feature that lets you know when your food has reached the ideal temperature. Some dual fuel ranges offer different specialty cooking modes; This takes the guesswork out of cooking times. Warming drawers are also often found in dual fuel models. 
In conclusion, the dual fuel range combines gas and electric, providing you with means to get the best cooking results possible. Whether you are remodeling a kitchen, replacing your old range or buying for the first time, take into consideration the versatility of a dual fuel range and how it will benefit your “inner chef.” 

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