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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Steam Ovens Review

Review of the new 
Bosch Benchmark Steam Convection Oven

Bosch has introduced a new and extremely versatile kitchen appliance: The Bosch Benchmark Steam Convection Oven.   The more that I read about the different uses and applications of this product, the more excited I got.
Foods prepared using convection always turn out more moist and juicy.  By introducing steam, food stays closer to its natural state, and it has better flavour, texture and is more nutritious.
One of the things about this appliance that most appeals to me is its versatility: you are going to find many ways to use this oven when it comes to mealtime.  Whether you are a professional level chef or the main cook at home, it’s going to provide unparalleled flexibility for preparing dishes.
A few things to love about the Bosch Steam/Convection Wall Oven: first, it completely takes the guess work out of preparing a meal, thanks to its intuitive menu guide.  The last thing you want to do is over-cook an expensive cut of meat.   To avoid this, you use the menu guide to select the meat you are cooking, and the oven does the rest.  The menu guide  allows you the peace of mind to prepare the other portions of the meal without worrying abut what’s in the oven.  When the meat is done, the oven shuts off and lets you know the cut is ready.
If you prefer the traditional method of controlling the oven’s functions yourself without the menu’s help, you can do that, too.  
What Bosch has done with this appliance by combining convection with steam has given you the flexibility I mentioned earlier.   Convection circulates the heat evenly, which in turn produces an evenly cooked dish, while adding the crispness or browning you desire.  The steam element delivers moisture to your dish.  The convection/steam option is perfect for preparing a variety of foods, including poultry, fish, bread and vegetables.  You’ll be able to prepares dishes that are moist on the inside and crispy on the outside.
The Steam Oven comes with two full-sized stainless cooking trays, along with two half sized trays.  Half sized trays allow you to prepare multiple dishes at once in the same oven.  No more rattling on the stove top with multiple pots and pans going!  For example, you could use one full-sized tray for salmon on the bottom rack while using one-half tray for green beans and the other half tray for potatoes.  The oven allows you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously, but still keep them apart. Half trays will virtually eliminate any taste or moisture transfer.
The Bosch Benchmark Steam Convection Oven comes with many easy-to-use “modes,” to allow you to select the perfect option for the task at hand.  
In addition to the Convection, Steam and Combination Convection/Steam Mode, you can also call on several other modes.  For example, the Re-Heating Mode is truly one of my favourite options.  Re-Heating Mode can bring leftovers “back to life” without drying them out!  Simply select the “Reheat” option, and the temperature will default to 210 degrees.  Set the time that you desire and presto – you’ll have leftovers that are moist and flavourful.
Reheat is an option that I would use again and again.  You’ll also like the 
The Defrosting Mode (which removes the ice crystals but does not cook the food) and the Slow Cooking Mode.  You’ll be amazed at the textures and flavours you’ll get from this low-temperature mode when preparing ribs or a roast.  It does take longer, but it’s more than worth the wait!
I feel that most people would benefit from having this appliance in their home.  You have to come into Barber and Haskill and see it for yourself – I’ll be happy to give you a personally  guided tour.
I know that when I start planning my new kitchen, I’ll be including the Bosch Benchmark Steam Convection Oven.
by: Jenn O'Keefe

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