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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Choosing a Refrigerator

Choosing a Refrigerator?

When selecting a new refrigerator for your kitchen, there are many things to consider. Watch the video to have Lee of Barber and Haskill walk you through some of these.

1. Size (External). Because fridge size is not standard, there are various dimensions to choose from. If you're interested in renovating your kitchen you can be more flexible in your decision, but more likely you're looking to fit the unit into a pre-existing space. In that case, measuring this space and bringing the dimensions with you on your search will be important.
2. Size (Internal). Just as important as fitting the fridge in your kitchen is the matter of being able to fit your food into your fridge. Maybe you have a big family and need an equally big fridge; maybe a lot of freezer space is a priority for you; maybe the reverse is true. At any rate, it's something you should evaluate beforehand.
3. Design and Layout. While most fridges are pretty similar, there are some key differences in this area. The location of the freezer (whether you would prefer it to be located on the bottom, the top, or at the side), the presence (or absence) of a water and ice maker, number of shelves and drawers, and the layout of the spaces on the door may all be points of interest when shopping for a fridge.
4. Aesthetics. Fridges come in many different colours and have for quite some time; likely you'll be interested in finding one that fits into the current or future colour scheme of your kitchen. Another thing to consider here is stainless steel. While generally desired for its appearance, stainless steel appliances (and their predisposition to fingerprints) have been thought of as a nuisance in family situations. Recent developments have created a stainless steel that is fingerprint resistant! Sound crazy? Come into the store and test it out.

Some other things to think about may be:

- How loud the appliance is,

- How well it fits into your budget, and

- How long the warranty is

Come in to Barber and Haskill in Midland where our associates will help you to find the refrigerator that fits all your needs.

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