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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Is a Luxury Mattress set really worth the price?

We all know that the mattress is designed to provide a combination of comfort and support so that we can get quality sleep and wake up feeling rejuvenated and prepared to battle what the next day has to offer.

What we may not know is “are we getting what we’re paying for when stepping into a higher price point?”

Innerspring mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are the most common and familiar of all mattress constructions. There are several different types of spring systems, such as continuous coils and individually wrapped coils, which can have different shapes, designs and gauges. All of which provide splendid support value and some (individual wrapped coils) can reduce the amount of motion transfer you would feel caused by your partners movement throughout the night. The benefit of the number of coils used in a mattress can be argued. The idea is that the more coils used; the more support and less likely the coils will wear as the amount of weight concentrated on each coil is reduced. The innerspring is covered by various types of foams, fibers and upholstery materials that have been designed to create a pressure relieving layer between you and the coils.

High Density Memory Foam and Latex Mattresses

Memory foam (Visco elastic foam) or latex mattresses use extremely high density materials that offer both excellent support value and an incomparable level of contour. The ability to tightly shape the body’s natural curves can significantly improve the comfort while reducing pressure points that cause us to toss, turn or even wake up when the body calls for relief. 

Having a surface that can adapt to each sleepers individual shape, size and weight can make selecting the right mattress for couples much easier. Most mattresses of this nature also provide very little motion transfer when your partner rolls and adjusts which gives you a more undisturbed rest. These types of mattresses offer a longer warranty and require less maintenance (mattress rotation every three months as recommended by most coil mattress manufacturers) 

Hybrid Mattresses

A hybrid mattress can be a good compromise when someone does not like the “sinking feeling” of a memory foam mattress. This type of mattress offers the contouring ability of a foam mattress with the familiar feel of an innerspring. The materials used on top of the coils will often be very similar to the memory foam or latex mattresses although sometimes much less or lower density will be used to offset coil costs.

Adjustable Foundations

Now known as “lifestyle foundations” these luxury items allow the user to raise parts of the bed to meet our lifestyle demands. For example, most of us will read before going to sleep, some will watch television in our bedrooms. At one time or another, we have all piled the pillows behind us to make what we are doing more comfortable. Imagine having a mattress set that can make the transfers between the reading and sleeping positions only one button away. Not to mention, raising the lower portion of the mattress ever so slightly can remove a tremendous amount of pressure off the lower back. Slightly raising the head of the mattress opens the air passage which can reduce acid reflux, and some studies have even shown a reduction of snoring by as much as 85%. 

Is it worth it?

Research shows that people sleep much better on a newer mattress, and your sleep quality improves if your sleep surface relieves pressure on your joints and muscles. Generally speaking, innerspring mattresses have excellent support value, but the comfort layer has a short life expectancy which means the pressure will be greater sooner. The durable materials found in luxury mattresses won’t breakdown as quickly giving you a longer lasting product that can adapt with you as your body changes with age. 

In my opinion, it is worth the investment in something we are going to do for a third of our life, and that will play a significant role in our health and well being.

by: Lee Sicari

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