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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Frigidaires Orbit Clean Dishwasher

Introducing Frigidaires new Orbit Clean Dishwasher

by: +Jennifer O'Keefe.

On the Outside

This dishwasher features a stainless steel interior as well as exterior. It also comes with Frigidaire's unique OrbitClean circular spray arm, as well as settings to change both wash pressure and temperature.

Void of branding or logos, FGID2474QF's stainless steel front is designed to fit any kitchen.  With no nooks or crannies and Frigidaire's smudge proof finish, you will not have to worry about keeping it looking clean.  The only downfall of the "smudge free" stainless, which is predominant on all Frigidaire Gallery products, is matching it with other brands.  The finish is a bit darker and doesn't have the same shine as other manufacturer’s stainless finishes.  The smooth front means no external display but Frigidaire instead gives us a nifty green light that shines on the floor letting you know when the cycle is complete.

What is inside

Frigidaire DishwasherWhen you open up this new Frigidaire dishwasher,  you will notice that placed at the end of the main
spray arm is the Orbitclean spray arm.  When washing this allows for a much larger and more variable pattern for the water jets, reaching more places in your loaded dishwasher.

Like many dishwashers in its class, the Frigidaire Gallery Orbit Clean dishwasher  allows you to adjust the height of the upper rack.
The difference is with this dishwasher you can adjust it without levers or buttons; you just lift the rack up until it clicks in place.  To lower the rack, just a slight pull up and let it down gently. The dishwasher does feature the standard adjustable tines to help with large item loading. But unique to it are silicone supports keep your glassware from sliding around, as well as the best grips for stemware that I have seen.

Maximum Control

A unique feature of the FGID2474QF is the amount of control it allows the user.  It gives you three water pressure settings; scour surge and spray.  Great for adjusting between a load of delicate china(spray) or those stubborn bakeware or items you think will never get clean(scour).
You also have three temperature options; normal, high temperature and sanitize.

Drying of the dishes can be done by either using a heating element or a fan assisted air dry.  The fan allows for an accelerated air dry that won't warp or melt your plastics.
The FGID2474QF has all the cycles someone is looking for, including a favourites'  that allows you to program the cycle and options you use most often.

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