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Friday, October 30, 2015

Introduction of Whirlpool's Ventless Dryer

Whirlpool has just launched one of the most innovative clothes dryers to come along in years:  a full-sized ventless dryer.      

The “ventless” feature makes it unique, because – for the first-time ever – there is no need to have this full-sized unit externally vented. This means that you now have the flexibility to put this dryer anywhere you have access to water drain (needed for the washer anyway) and a 220-volt outlet to plug the dryer in.  It has never been easier to bring the laundry upstairs (or anywhere else!) without the added expense of running dryer venting. 

The ventless feature is just part of the story: this unit is also an energy-saver. Whirlpool achieves this by using 1300-watt heating element vs traditional dryers that use a 5500-watt heating element.   The result?  Cost savings.  This dryer can save you up to $150 per year on your energy bills.

Another cost-saving aspect to this unit is the choice you have in using either the Speed cycle or Eco cycle.   There is 30-minute difference between the two options.  What this means to you is if you have need something in a hurry, the Speed cycle takes 30 minutes off the drying time.  On the other hand, if time is on your side, set it to the Eco cycle.  It will take an extra 30 minutes to complete the drying process, but think of the cost saving the Eco cycle offers by not running that high-powered heating element. 

How does this work?

The unit functions by heating the air inside.  The now moist air is gathered and cooled, producing water. The air is then re-circulated.  Therefore, no outside air is being used and exhausted like a traditional vented dryer.

I personally like this option in dryers, as it is an innovative alternative to vented dryers.  For years consumers have only had the option of a small size dryer if they needed a ventless application.  I feel this may be a game-changer in the dryer world, giving consumers a more desirable, full sized dryer option with the features that they want.

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