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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

4 main reasons for purchasing Adjustable Beds

 sleep in a B & H bed
Adjustable Beds

In the past, when we thought of an adjustable bed, we often pictured it being used by someone who was either elderly or with a physical disability.
These are certainly two of the target audiences for this product – as it helps assist those that find it difficult to comfortably or safely get in and out of bed. Manufacturers of adjustable beds are desperately trying to educate people about the benefits of this luxury sleep set that can make your sleep and lifestyle more enjoyable.

#1 Lifestyle

First, let's talk about the convenience aspect of adjustable beds.   
  • Historically, it has been very common for people – at the end the day – to retire to bed, and then prop pillows behind them so they can comfortably read a book and unwind.   
  • As we have moved into the digital age, a vast majority of people now have a television in the bedroom or at the very least a tablet or computer.  
  • The pillow-propping tradition has continued.  The problem is, once fatigue sets in, it has always been a major production to remove the pile of pillows. 
  • And then try to get into a comfortable sleeping position without getting a burst of energy that will eliminate any sleepiness you may have felt.
What if you had a bed that with a touch of a button set you in the perfect reading or television viewing position? And then, once you’re ready to sleep, a push of a button quietly lowers you into the most ergonomically correct sleeping position within seconds?  This is the convenience of adjustable beds.

#2 Health benefits

An adjustable bed can also contribute significantly to your overall health, just by adjusting its position.  
  • For example, hospitals worldwide use something called the “Fowler's Position."   With the patient in a semi-sitting position and legs slightly raised, Fowler’s Position helps speed up the healing process.  
  • It can reduce tension in abdominal muscles, improve blood flow, help aid breathing, relief chest pressure, and provide comfort during meals.   
  • Sleeping on a mattress that allows you to customize to this position can have tremendous health benefits for everyone.
  • If you suffer from acid reflux, adjusting the head of the bed just a couple degrees can significantly reduce or even eliminate the stomach acid from migrating to the esophagus.  
  • If you, like many, suffer from lower back discomfort, adjusting the foot of the bed can significantly reduce the pressure on your spine.
Many adjustable beds have massage features and pre-set positions such as the "zero gravity" position.
Zero Gravity position is where the head is slightly elevated, and the legs are placed higher than your heart.
While no sleep set can win the battle against gravity, this position can give you the feeling of being weightless, therefore significantly reducing pressure. This position is also extremely beneficial for those who suffer from poor blood circulation.

#3 Snoring
Yes, an adjustable bed can even help if snoring is an issue at your home.  

  • Snoring occurs when the weight of our head and neck apply pressure to the windpipe while we are in our most relaxed state – most commonly while sleeping on our back.  This pressure reduces the windpipe opening.   As we breathe, this obstructed air passage can create an unpleasant sound that is not only disturbing to our partner, but also has an adverse reaction to the rejuvenating sleep we all are trying to achieve.
  • Excessive snoring can also lead to sleep apnea, which is when the body wakes up several times throughout the night due to the blockage of air causing the regular rhythm of breathing to be interrupted.  Sleeping in a position where the head of the bed is elevated can help keep the air passage open.  
  • Reducing snoring will not only help you get the restful sleep you deserve, but it is also good for your marriage.

#4 Style

One significant change to adjustable beds is they are no longer have that “industrial hospital” look of the past.  Most manufacturers have tailored their products to look like a piece of furniture you will be proud of.  Some of the models in our showroom often surprise our customers, as they say they didn't realize adjustable beds could look so attractive while providing so many benefits.
 For couples that would prefer to have their own customized side of the bed, we can offer a "split king" that feels like you have your own bed.   Come see me for more information on other great features, such as "WiFi" compatible beds and even alarm clocks built into your side of the bed.
by: Lee Sicari

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