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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Jenn-Air Slide- In Induction Range

Review of the New Jenn-Air Slide-In Induction Range

 Jenn-Air has made some big steps this year with the introduction of their new slide-in range line up including the highly anticipated induction range.  It is truly a unique piece.  This front control range will fit a regular freestanding opening without the mess and fuss of adding a trim to the back of the range.  But first let me take a step back and explain induction cooking.

What is induction cooking?

  • Induction cooking produces the fastest, safest and easiest to clean cooking surface available on the market today.  
  • Induction technology uses the pot as the heat source without heating the glass top directly. This process makes for a very fast and efficient transfer of heat.  
  • The cooking surface under the pot will be only warm after cooking not hot as on a traditional glass surface. 

For this reason, I feel that induction is the safest cooking method.
My favourite part of induction cooking however is the clean up, spills will not bake onto the glass surface due to the cooler cooking surface.
You do however need to have pots made of a magnetic material.  Simply testing with a regular kitchen magnetic will tell you if your pots and pans will work or not.

New Jenn-Air Slide-In Ranges

The Jenn-Air line is one of my personal favorite affordable premium brands.  Jenn Air uses induction technology in their counter top cooking products, and I have been waiting (not so patiently) for them to introduce it to their ranges.

Barber and Haskill Induction cooking with Jenn-Air

Here are some of the highlights of this new range:

  • Huge 6.2 Cubic foot oven capacity, which is great for roasting large items or multi-level cooking.
  • Multi-use "Baking Drawer" You can cook or warm in this handy second oven.
  • Sensor Boil This intuitive option selects the optimal power level to quickly bring water to a boil. It beeps to alert you when it reaches the boiling point, then will adjust the power level to minimize the possibility of boiling over.  Boy do I need this feature!
  • A Glide rack that makes it easy to move heavy dishes in and out of the oven.  Not a unique feature but to me a must have for a range of this quality. 
  • Aqualift® Self Cleaning Technology see Tom's post on aqualift 

  • Barber and Haskill Induction cooking with Jenn-AirIf you are replacing an older slide-in that required you to have your countertop continue behind your range, you can still use this range with a great look.  In this case, it would stick out a couple of inches from your cabinets.  If you would like a more flush/built-in look, you can install the range right to the wall in a standard 30" opening.
    Slide-ins are popular in semi-custom kitchens because you can see your backsplash.
    I am truly excited to see this range on our floor in spring of 2015.  I would love to show you all the new features of this exciting new range!

    by: Jenn O'Keefe

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