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Friday, November 7, 2014

Step by Step Use of the Urban Cultivator- Intro

When Mr. Barber told us about the Urban Cultivator and asked whether we thought Barber and Haskill should carry it, I was in favour from the first moment.

But I am a happy gardener;  I love my
garden and back yard and would spend all my time there except for bills that need to be paid.

This device is an indoor garden complete with lights and irrigation.  It is the size of a dishwasher that you can install in your kitchen or have as a portable unit.

This item was featured on the CBC television show Dragons Den a few years ago. these “hippies” as some reviewers called them got their deal and now The Urban Cultivator is available at select retailers across Canada.    I  was an avid Dragons Den follower for years but had missed the original pitch; it is on youtube, and it is worth watching in my opinion.    Is there anyone like Kevin ????? Watch Dragon's Den Clip 

When the first unit arrived at our store, we hooked it up, and I planted in it.  We successfully grew some wheat grass, radish sprouts, and pea tendrils.

We tasted them straight from the unit, and they had fantastic flavor.  

I did some research and read some reviews of the product and came away with the impression that most of the reviewers thought it great for a restaurant but a lot of work for home.
From my first attempt I disagree so I thought I would try to share the cultivator experience with you, in a series of blog posts. So even though this unit is not in my kitchen I will try to treat it like it is.  I will use the product  like I would at home.

Get ready for Salad 101, and I will master what to do with the wheat-grass.   I want to reap the health benefits of it without feeling like a cow chewing on grass.
Here is a link that will give you 50 reasons to eat wheat-grass....... Check out all 50 .
My favorite is number 34.....I wish I had discovered wheat-grass four years ago.

Now in order for me to take you along this Journey I will keep a daily journal that I will share with you weekly.  Hopefully, it will help you decide for yourself  if the Urban Cultivator is great for you, or if you are the type of  person who wants to continue to buy your herbs at the grocery store.

Gardening is work but usually the outcome is worth the work....better tasting food and you know what is in it.   I have always wanted to use more herbs in my cooking so let's see if this will help.
Stay tuned, and we will see how it goes.  Talk to you again in a week.

by:Laurel Hooper

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