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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Stop the Smelly Washers

Has the latest Gossip about Front Load Washers got you washing the old school way?

Most of us have heard someone telling a horror story of their "smelly front load washer", and how they would "never buy another one"!!!

One of the biggest reasons for a foul odor in your front load washer is using too much soap.

If we do not both use high efficiency (HE) soap and drastically reduce the amount, the washer will have great difficulty rinsing away the soap.
We don't see any suds but there could be soap residue which has trapped soil and will develop a smell if left idle for a few days.

Just think of the small amount of liquid soap required when washing our hands.
There are many products available to help remove the odor from a washer. We have to remember, our new high efficiency washer is now using less than 30% of the water than that of our traditional top loader washer.

It would be very unfortunate for a family to miss out on the wonderful benefits of a high efficiency washer based on another's bad experience.

We sell a soap that guarantees it.


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