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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What are the Quietest Dishwashers?

In the store today, you can find dishwashers with a range of operating sound levels ranging roughly from 39 decibels (dBA) to 63 dBA. I consider any dishwasher with an operating sound level less than 46 dBA to be very quiet. Because some of these dishwashers are so quiet, many manufacturers have implemented lights or displays to show you that, yes, your dishwasher is operating.

Here are some examples of decibel ratings for some common sounds to give you a comparison:

Rustling grass and leaves: 20 dBA
Whisper in library: 30 -40 dBA
Average fridge: 30 – 45 dBA     
Normal conversation: 50 – 65 dBA

Unit’s components affect noise level                                
Operating noise levels can be affected by the construction and the quality of parts used by the manufacturer to build your dishwasher.  These include the material used for the dishwasher tub.  Many units with stainless steel tubs have lower decibel ratings.   Also, the pump, motor, type of filtration, cabinet and insulation are all factors in the sound level of your dishwasher.   Often, the quieter dishwashers will cost a little more, but it is well worth it if you’re after a more-muted kitchen appliance.

Here are a few of the quietest dishwashers we currently sell listed by decibel level.

Great value for KitchenAid
This KitchenAid dishwasher has great value for those seeking a quiet dishwasher.  Despite being the quietest dishwasher KitchenAid makes, it is not nearly the most expensive.  It comes complete with features, including 40 target jets with ProScrub to handle baked on foods, three racks, a smooth satin glide rack system that you have to feel to understand, stainless tub, a great heated dry and many more features.
KDTE254ESS KitchenAid – 39 dBA - MSRP $1,599.99 

Top reviews from magazine for Bosch
This is the best selling dishwasher in the “Benchmark” series from German-based manufacturer Bosch.  This line of dishwashers has received top washing reviews from leading consumer magazines for close to a decade.  It comes complete with integrated (hidden) controls, a convenient third rack, a built-in water softener for hard water situations, adjustable upper rack and many more features.
SHX8PT55UC Bosch – 40 dBA – MSRP $2,499.
Click here to view specs.

JennAir with award-winning wash system

This is a wonderful JennAir dishwasher.  It gives you Jennair racking and features like Ultra glide racks, and we can add steam clean option for the toughest baked on foods.
JDB9200 Jenn-Air – 42 dBA – MSRP $1,749.99
Click here to view specs.

Selection in store
There are many more relatively quiet dishwashers on our showroom floor that we can show you. Some of these dishwashers range from 44 dBA to 50 dBA, which you may find to be very quiet compared to the older models with much higher operating sound levels.

Please come in to see the great selection of dishwashers and let us know if you questions regarding this topic.

Ron Adams

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